Family to present George Wheaton BBB trophy

The final for the George Wheaton 50m BBB handicap race will be held this Saturday and is one of the most hotly contested and historic trophy races of the season!

George Wheaton was a former secretary of Drummoyne Swimming Club who tragically died after racing his four sons in a “Father and Son” race at the Club in 1937. His last surviving son, Noel, who was racing with his father that day, would keenly follow the results of the race each year before he sadly passed away six years ago.

George Wheaton
The only known photo of George Wheaton.

The BBB is a unique race in which the competitors race against each other swimming their favourite “B” stroke – Breaststroke, Backstroke or Butterfly!

The names of the finalists for this year’s race, including the ‘B’ stroke they will be swimming, are listed here.

We are delighted that members of George Wheaton‘s family will attend the final this Saturday to present the BBB trophy to the winner, including George Wheaton “Junior”, the great great grandson of the trophy’s namesake.