Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve included answers to the most frequently asked questions below, but if there’s anything we’ve missed, please contact us.

Q: How old do you have to be to join Swim Club?

A: There is no age limit, young or old!

We hold 20 metre races for young children and they can wear arm bands, bubbles or other flotation devices until they become confident at swimming by themselves.   Also, you are welcome to jump in the pool to accompany and encourage  our children during the 20m races.

Q: How well do my children have to be able to swim?

A: We positively encourage children of any experience and ability to enter 20m races.  Once they are able to swim a particular stroke correctly and confidently, they are encouraged to progress to the 30m and longer distance races.

Please note that we do not allow children to enter 30m, or longer distance, races for a particular stroke until they have mastered the technique for that stroke.  It is not sufficient for them to be able to swim the distance – they must be able to swim the stroke correctly.

We are very strict on this rule, for the ultimate benefit of your child, to ensure that bad habits are eliminated at an early age  and don’t surface in later life when they are competing for their first gold medal!

Q: What can I do if my child starts Swim Club but doesn’t want to continue?

A: We’ve all been through that stage with our own children, so we totally understand!  Swim Club is all about encouraging children to enjoy swimming and the last thing we want to do is put your child off at an early age.  Talk to one of our members for some friendly advice on encouraging your child to participate or coming back when they’re a bit older.

Q: Do mum and dad have to swim too?

A: No, but why not give it a go?  That’s all part of the fun (until your children beat you, that is!)

Q: How does handicapping work?

A: See the Club racing rules for an explanation of the handicapping system.

Q: What’s the “two hand” rule for breaststroke races?

A: Under the rules of Swimming, for breaststroke you are required to touch the wall with both hands at the end of every lap.

Q: What are BBB races?

A: BBB stands for Breaststroke, Butterfly or Backstroke.

Each swimmer picks their favourite ‘B’ stroke and competes against the other swimmers on handicap.

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