Over the years our Club has built up a magnificent collection of historic trophies for our Championship and Point Score series and Perpetual Trophies for special events.

Information about our trophies, including photos and past winners is provided here.

If you have any further information about, or photos of, any of our trophies we will be pleased to include it here.  Please contact us via email on

Perpetual Trophies

Event Trophy Name
50m BBB Handicap George Wheaton
50m Backstroke Handicap Tom Brown
50m Breaststroke Handicap Bill Gallie
200m Freestyle Handicap Geoff Roper
50m Butterfly Handicap Fred Congdon
400m Freestyle Handicap George Russell
Girls U/10 Special
100m Freestyle Handicap
Molly Wark
Boys U/10 Special
100m Freestyle Handicap
Les Henry
200m Individual Medley Handicap Five Dock Rotary
50m Freestyle Handicap - Men Tom Williams
50m Freestyle Handicap - Women Tom Williams
U/10 BBB Handicap 
Point Score - Boys
Henry Vagner
U/10 BBB Handicap 
Point Score - Girls
Cath Close
4x20m Long Distance 
Point Score
Charlie Halliday
U/12 Long Distance 
Point Score
Jack Sanders
Girls Long Distance 
Point Score
L.S. Carroll
Boys Long Distance 
Point Score
George Payne
Combined Handicap 
& Championship Points
Moss Christie
Fastest 50m Freestyle Michael Corry
Women 35 and Over 
100m Freestyle
Old Boilers and Hens
Men 35 and Over 
100m Freestyle
Old Boilers and Roosters

Championship Trophies

Division Trophy
U/6 Girls Norma Geribo
U/6 Boys Norma Geribo
U/8 Girls Hammond Family
U/8 Boys Davoren Family
U/9 Girls Bill Gallie Memorial
U/9 Boys Bill Gallie Memorial
U/10 Girls Rhonda Beasley
U/10 Boys Ken Lord
U/12 Girls Nola & Denis Glackin
U/12 Boys Nola & Denis Glackin
U/14 Girls Nola & Denis Glackin
U/14 Boys Nola & Denis Glackin
U/16 Girls Bert & Ruth Johnson
U/16 Boys Bert & Ruth Johnson
Seniors Women Jean & Ian Pennycook
Seniors Men Jean & Ian Pennycook
Open Women Dr Hiatt
Open Men Dr Hiatt

Point Score Trophies

Division  Trophy 
U/6 Girls Laurel Ivory
U/6 Boys Doreen Ivory
U/8 Girls Jack Close
U/8 Boys George Chambers
U/10 Girls Lady Henley
U/10 Boys Mick Lord
U/12 Girls Sydney Rowing Club
U/12 Boys Arthur Priest
U/14 Girls Malcolm Farrell
U/14 Boys Jack Close
U/16 Girls George Payne
U/16 Boys Roy Poole
Seniors Female Jan Murphy
Seniors Male W Lord

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