Race Rules – Battle on the Bay 2010

1.      The 2-start rule will be enforced.  For the first false start, a warning will be issued.  For subsequent false starts, the offending swimmers will be disqualified.

2.      Swimmers in the 6 Years and Under Age Group will not be disqualified and may be assisted in the race by an older  swimmer or a flotation device.  However, if a swimmer in this Age Group gains an advantage from something that would normally result in disqualification or from assistance, the Race Referee may, at their discretion, adjust the finish time of that swimmer for the estimated advantage gained.

3.      The semi-automatic electronic timing system will be used to determine race finish times.  If the timing system fails to record a time, or records a materially inaccurate time (eg. due to timekeeper or system error), for one or more lanes in a race, the Race Referee may, at their discretion, determine the finish times for the offending lanes or request that the Race be re-run.

4.      The Race Referee’s decision on disqualifications will be final.

5.      Any swimmer who misses their marshalling call will not be allowed to enter their race.

6.      If you have any questions on the Carnival Rules, please raise them with the President of Drummoyne  Swimming Club, Duncan Lyon.

Point Score

Points will be awarded for each Event (by Stroke, Distance, Age Group and Gender) based on the fastest overall finish times in all Heats for that event as follows:

Event Finishing Position Individual Event Points Relay Event Points
1st 24 48
2nd 21 42
3rd 20 40
4th 19 38
5th 18 36
19th 2 4
20th 1 2
21st or lower 1 2

Where a dead heat arises between one or more finish times in an Event, the points for the relevant positions will be averaged between the swimmers involved.

Where the Race Referee determines a finish time for a lane in a race, that time will be used to calculate the Event finish order and Points for the swimmer(s) in that lane.

Individual Point Score

Individual Point Score Medals will be awarded to the place-getters in each Age Group, determined by the highest total Point Scores for all individual Events in that Age Group.

Club Point Score

The Battle on the Bay trophy will be awarded to the Club with the highest average Club Point Score per Race Start.   The Club Point Score will be the total Individual and Relay Event Points earned the swimmers in that Club, excluding the 10 x 50m Open Relay Event.   The Total Race Starts will be the total number of race starts entered for swimmers in that Club.  The Total Race Starts will include missed races, no shows and disqualifications for swimmers in that Club.

10 x 50m Open Relay

No points will be allocated to the 10 x 50m Open Relay, which will be swum for Club pride, guts and glory!

2010 Battle on the Bay Swimming Carnival

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