Hear what our members have to say about Swim Club.

The Lyon Family

“I wasn’t a strong swimmer before joining Swim Club, having grown up in England, and struggled to swim an entire lap of freestyle .  However, with a huge amount of encouragement and support from everybody in the club (and a modest handicap time), I managed to win one of the oldest and biggest club trophies for 50m freestyle in my first year!

My success inspired my three daughters to swim harder for their own silverware and I now swim nearly every day for fitness and enjoyment.”  Duncan Lyon

The Knowles Family

“We love Saturday mornings at the club, especially because it’s so friendly. Everyone gets a chance, and everyone gets encouraged” The Knowles family

The Tibbertsma Family

“Drummoyne Swimming Club is more than the name suggests, it is a community of happy locals, young and not so young, who gather every week to encourage one another and most of all enjoy themselves. It has been a big part of our family and community life for a number of years and often recommend it to new families. Give it a go!”

The Parker Family

“2007 was my first year at Drummoyne Swimming Club.  My children and I were made very welcome from day one.  I like the way its casualness allows the youngest members to compete regardless of their levels, thus making it a good venue for the whole family. We are sure to be back”. Nicola Griffin Parker