800m and Family Fun Day

Geribo Cup 2019

For our final meet of the season this Saturday we will be holding the 800m Open Freestyle Championships followed by our Family Fun Day.

The early start and hotly-contested relay race for our chocolate trophy will be the perfect lead in to St Mark’s Drummoyne School Fete that day.

800m Championships – 7am

The 800m Championships will start at the earlier time of 7am. Everyone who is able to swim the 16 laps is welcome to participate. Please arrive at the pool before 7am to sign in for the race.

Family Fun Day – 8am

The Family Fun Day will start after the 800m Championships, at around 8am, so you can arrive at this time if you are not swimming in the 800m.

We will be holding lots of fun races and relays, including boogie board races and a relay race for the tastiest prize of the season – the Geribo Cup chocolate trophy!

Remember to bring along your boogie board, li-lo and thongs for some fun races in the pool!

Relay Teams

There will be two 4x50m relay events on Saturday:

  • Family relay
  • Geribo Cup relay – for the chocolate trophy!

The provisional relay team entries are set out below. If you would like to enter another team or make any changes, please email details to Duncan Lyon at racesecretary@drummoyneswimclub.com.au.

Family Relay Teams

If you don’t have a family of four, feel free to form a combined team with other families.


  • Kate SVOBODA
  • Andrew SVOBODA
  • Hannah SVOBODA
  • Marcus SVOBODA


  • Jessica TINDIGLIA


  • Cara PARKER
  • David PARKER


  • Renee CARROLL
  • Lily BOROZAN
  • Elise BOROZAN


  • Adrian BELL
  • Jessica BELL
  • Rosie GARVEY
  • Henry GARVEY

Geribo Cup Relay Teams

Racing for the chocolate trophy!


  • Toby HANSEN
  • Cooper HANSEN
  • Henry GARVEY


  • Jessica TINDIGLIA

Fred Congdon 50m Butterfly Handicap Final

The results of the final for the Fred Congdon 50m Butterfly Handicap held on 16 March 2019 were as follows:

ID Name Position
1286 Shay DONNELLAN 1
1137 Sophie O’BRIEN 2
1144 Andrew SVOBODA 3
1122 Jessica TINDIGLIA 4

Winner: Shay DONNELLAN


2019 Battle on the Bay – Final Results

The final results for the 2019 Battle on the Bay have been published here.

Congratulations to the following Drummoyne swimmers for winning medals in their individual age group events:

6 & Under Women – Individual Scores
Georgia Romaniuk1
Skye Lewis2
Alice Bannan3
6 & Under Men – Individual Scores
Tony Van Schaik2
7-8 Women – Individual Scores
Hannah Jamieson3
9-10 Women – Individual Scores
Kristen Maguire1
9-10 Men – Individual Scores
Marcus Svoboda2
Luke Jamieson3
11-12 Women – Individual Scores
Gabrielle Perkins1
13-14 Men – Individual Scores
Jack Corbett1
Kellen Parker3
15-16 Women – Individual Scores
Hannah Svoboda3
15-16 Men – Individual Scores
Christian Taylor1
17-49 Women – Individual Scores
Annette Jamieson2
17-49 Men – Individual Scores
William Taylor2
Ethan Parker3
50 & Over Women – Individual Scores
Michelle Mathers1
Sherri Ollerenshaw2

A special mention to Christian Taylor for achieving the fastest time of the meet with a 25.55s in his 50m Freestyle!

The Carnival was topped off with a crushing win by our 10x50m relay team, beating Leichhardt by 20 seconds, with our ‘B’ team close behind.

Olympian James Magnussen was a great sport by racing with the “Little Battlers” 10x50m relay team. I’m sure it’s an experience that the 9-10 year old’s in his team will remember for the rest of their lives, including Marcus Svoboda and Henry Garvey from Drummoyne!

We’re very proud of the massive effort put in by all of our swimmers, with many swimming Personal Best (PB) times, which can be seen by comparing ‘final’ times to ‘seed’ times in the detailed results.

If you have any good photos of the Carnival, please post them to Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #baybattle19.

Fred Congdon 50m Butterfly Handicap Finalists

The finalists for the Fred Congdon 50m Butterfly Handicap to be held on 16 March 2019 are as follows:

ID Name
802 Matthew O’CONNOR
1137 Sophie O’BRIEN
1144 Andrew SVOBODA
1427 Ava CHEHINE
1122 Jessica TINDIGLIA
113 Luke HAYWARD
279 Adam LEWIS


Tom Williams 50m Freestyle Handicap Finals

The results of the final for the Men’s and Women’s Tom Williams 50m Freestyle Handicap held on 2 March 2019 were as follows:


ID Name Position
1472 Hendrix PROLOV 1
1416 Cooper LUCAS 2
1109 Henry GARVEY 3
1115 Marcus SVOBODA 4
279 Adam LEWIS 5
619 Duncan LYON 6

Winner: Hendrix PROLOV


ID Name Position
1316 Ivy EASTWOOD 1
1366 Sienna HOWARD 2
1122 Jessica TINDIGLIA 3
1427 Ava CHEHINE 4
1309 Ziani VIOLA 5

Winner: Ivy EASTWOOD