Five Dock Rotary 200m Individual Medley Handicap

The results of the final for the Five Dock Rotary 200m Individual Medley Handicap held on 1 December 2018 were as follows:

ID Name Position
1243 Elise BOROZAN 1
1161 Caragh PRICE 2
1309 Ziani VIOLA 3
1283 Armani JAMIESON 4

Winner: Elise BOROZAN


Club Championship – Week 1

This Saturday we will be racing for the first points in our Club Championship series, starting with the 50m Freestyle sprint.

For Championship races there are no handicaps – everyone starts on “Go” and the fastest swimmer wins! 

Championship events are raced against swimmers in the same age group and gender, with points awarded to the fastest three swimmers in each group.

Race distances are fixed by age group for each stroke, with younger swimmers racing shorter distances.  This week the Under 8’s will race 30m Freestyle and Under 6’s 20m Freestyle.  

Championship events are always raced first on Saturday mornings, followed by Handicap races for the other two events of the day. 

If you are new to the Club, you need to have raced at three Club meets and be a financial member before becoming eligible to earn Championship Points.  Points will be reviewed and adjusted at the end of the season before finalising the Club Championship results.

You can read more about the Club Championship rules, event structure and points on our Racing page.  Check the Calendar for upcoming Championship races and other events.

So now is the time to sharpen up your speed and fitness with squad training every weekday morning down at the pool!

George Wheaton 50m BBB Handicap

The results of the final for the George Wheaton 50m BBB Handicap held on 24 November 2018 were as follows:

ID Name Stroke Position
281 James SIMMONS Breaststroke 1
1027 Gabrielle PERKINS Backstroke 2
1434 Steve LUCAS Breaststroke 3
1430 Ellen FANNING Breaststroke 4
674 Cara PARKER Breaststroke 5
1417 Sienna LUCAS Breaststroke 6

Winner: James SIMMONS