George Wheaton 50m BBB Handicap

The results of the final for the George Wheaton 50m BBB Handicap held on 24 November 2018 were as follows:

ID Name Stroke Position
281 James SIMMONS Breaststroke 1
1027 Gabrielle PERKINS Backstroke 2
1434 Steve LUCAS Breaststroke 3
1430 Ellen FANNING Breaststroke 4
674 Cara PARKER Breaststroke 5
1417 Sienna LUCAS Breaststroke 6

Winner: James SIMMONS

Entries for George Wheaton BBB

Next Saturday is your opportunity to contest one of the most highly-prized trophies of the season – the George Wheaton 50m “BBB” Handicap!

BBB is short for Breaststroke, Backstroke and Butterfly.  It’s a unique event in which competitors race each other with different “B” strokes in the same race on handicap.  So  a swimmer in one lane may swim Butterfly, another Breaststroke and a third Backstroke!

To seed the event, we need to know which “B” stroke you will swim this Saturday.  You must have already completed a 50m Time Trial for your chosen stroke, so if you’re new to the Club this season, choose a stroke for which you’ve already set a time.

Please email your name and chosen stroke (50m Breaststroke, Backstroke or Butterfly) to Duncan Lyon at this week.

George Wheaton Memorial Trophy – BBB

The George Wheaton Memorial Trophy is awarded to the winner of the 50m BBB (Breaststroke, Backstroke, Butterfly) Handicap.

The trophy was inaugurated in the 1939-40 season, in memory of George Wheaton, Hon Treasurer of the Club, who tragically collapsed and died shortly after competing in a 220 yard Father & Sons race on 7 January 1937.

Click here for photos of the trophy and the names of past winners.

Is your name on this trophy?  Tell us more about your win and share it with your friends!

George Wheaton 50m BBB (Handicap)

The results of the final for the George Wheaton 50m BBB Handicap held on 25 November 2017 were as follows:

ID Name Stroke Position
1343 Daniella MASSA Backstroke 1
128 Gerry TIBBERTSMA Backstroke 2
1079 Ben PLAYFORD Breaststroke 3
674 Cara PARKER Breaststroke 4
714 Kellen PARKER Backstroke 5
1134 Taylor WATSON Backstroke 6

Winner: Daniella MASSA

George Wheaton 50m BBB (Handicap)

The results of final for the George Wheaton 50m BBB Handicap held on 26 November 2016 were as follows:

ID Name Stroke Position
1100 Charlie PLAYFORD Backstroke 1
91 Adam CHRISTODOULOU Butterfly 2
1079 Ben PLAYFORD Backstroke 3
674 Cara PARKER Breaststroke 4
1012 Mikaela DOWNIE Backstroke 5
1161 Caragh PRICE Backstroke 6

Winner: Charlie PLAYFORD

George Wheaton 50m BBB (Handicap)

The results of the final for the George Wheaton 50m BBB Handicap held on 28 November 2015 were as follows:

ID Name Stroke Position
1027 Gabrielle PERKINS Butterfly 1
1202 Zara LOCKHART Backstroke 2
646 Jack CORBETT Backstroke 3
1129 Chelsea ASHWOOD Backstroke 4
1203 Gemma LOCKHART Breaststroke 5
689 Joseph COLLEY Butterfly 6
1207 Paul RANGITAHATAHA Backstroke 7

Winner: Gabrielle PERKINS

Wheaton Family Exhibition Race

The results of the Wheaton Family Exhibition Race held prior to the George Wheaton BBB Final were as follows:

Position Lane Name Relation Stroke Gross Time Handicap Net Time
1 6 Ella Great-Great-Granddaughter Butterfly 60.34 20 40.34
2 4 Alan Grandson Freestyle 60.66 20 40.66
3 1 Harry Great-Great-Grandson Backstroke 60.77 0 60.77
4 5 Geoff Grandson Freestyle 61.73 20 41.73
5 2 Olivia Great-Great-Granddaughter Breaststroke 63.23 10 53.23
6 7 Jono Great-Grandson Freestyle 66.28 30 36.28
7 3 Duncan Ring-in! Breaststroke 66.78 19 47.78

George Wheaton 50m BBB (Handicap)

The final result for the George Wheaton 50m BBB Handicap held on 29 November 2014 was as follows:

ID Name Stoke Position
750 Connor EGELTON Butterfly 1
168 Dominic ULLIO Butterfly 2
1051 Sophia GALLETTA Backstroke 3
714 Kellen PARKER Backstroke 4
684 Hugh MATTHEWS Backstroke 5
770 Lukas TAYLOR Breaststroke 6

Winner: Connor EGELTON

George Wheaton Tribute Day recognised in Federal Parliament

Following on from our memorable George Wheaton Family Tribute Day on 30th November 2013, our local Federal Member, Craig Laundy, recorded this important piece of our Club’s heritage in a speech to the Federation Chamber of the Australian Parliament on Thursday 5th December 2013.

You can read Craig’s full speech in the Parliamentary Hansard minutes here (PDF version) and watch a video of his speech here.

The Club would like to thank Craig for taking the time to attend our Tribute Day, along with our Club Patron Mayor Angelo Tsirekas and State MP John Sidoti, and for the special effort he made to record this event for posterity.

George Wheaton 50m BBB (Handicap)

The final results of the George Wheaton 50m BBB Handicap held on 30 November 2013 were as follows:

ID Name Position
698 Adam BROOKS 1
474 Bernadette FLANNERY 2
640 Daniel CORBETT 3
1049 Celeste JACKSON 5
1012 Mikaela DOWNIE 6
1054 Damien GARDINER 8

Winner: Adam BROOKS

Farewell Noel Wheaton

Drummoyne Swimming Club is sad to learn of the recent passing of Noel Wheaton, the last surviving son of George Wheaton.  George was a former Treasurer of the Club and a prominent swimming official.  His four sons, George, Neville, Noel, and Lindsay, were all members of the Club.

George Wheaton tragically collapsed and died after racing in a “Father and Son” race at the Club in 1937 at the age of 53.  Noel swam in his father’s final 220 yard handicap race and went on to be a successful swimmer in his own right, swimming into his 90’s.

The George Wheaton 50m BBB Handicap Trophy is one of the most hotly-contested events of the year, in which swimmers race against each other with different form strokes – Breaststroke, Backstroke or Butterfly – in the same race.

This year’s “BBB” Final will be contested on 30 November 2013 with a poignant memory of George and his sons.