Week 4: The Start of Trophy Season

This week swim club starts to get a little bit more serious with with the heats for the first trophy of the season – the Geoff Roper 200m Freestyle Handicap trophy.

Last year’s winner was one of our fastest swimmers in Andrew Sharpe but, as with any handicap race, the winner could be anyone. Junior swimmers who are improving quickly have an especially good shot at taking home this silverware.

Our races this week are:

George Wheaton BBB entries

Next week we will be holding heats for our 2nd trophy race of the season – the wonderful George Wheaton BBB handicap race.

BBB is short for Breaststroke, Backstroke and Butterfly.  It’s a unique event in which competitors race each other with different “B” strokes in the same race on handicap.  So  a swimmer in one lane may swim Butterfly, another Breaststroke and a third Backstroke!

To seed the event, we need to know which “B” stroke you will swim.  You must have already completed a 50m Time Trial for your chosen stroke, so if you’re new to the Club this season, choose a stroke for which you’ve already set a time.

To nominate your B-stroke please complete the form at the end of this link – https://forms.gle/VrzZWEb7Z5T8oeh38

Best of luck to our HSC students

The HSC is upon us and a number of our swimmers are now sitting their exams. Best of luck to them all!

Annual General Meeting – Mon 24 Aug 2020

Annual General Meeting

On behalf of the club committee we hope everyone has been keeping well and fit during the COVID-19 lockdown and re-opening. Let’s hope that the only new waves are water related not virus related.

It’s been great to see members swimming safely in the ocean, estuaries, backyard pools and local pools now that they’ve re-opened.

Annual General Meeting
The club’s AGM is coming up on Monday 24th August at 7: 30pm. Like a lot of other community clubs we will hold the meeting online using Microsoft Teams.

If you wish to attend please contact Tim Doolan for details via president@drummoyneswimclub.com.au.

Also, if you are interested in helping out with the running of the Club or in a committee position please contact Tim about this.

Presentation night

By now we would normally have held the club’s awards presentation night for the 2019/20 season. However, given the present situation we have decided to remove any uncertainty surrounding large gatherings and defer the award of trophies to the beginning of the 2020/21 season, expected to commence in October 2020. We will provide more details in due course.

Tom Williams 50m Freestyle Handicap – Finals

The results of the finals for the Tom Williams 50m Freestyle Handicap held on 29 February 2020 were as follows:

Men’s Final

ID Name Position
1469 Tony VAN SCHAIK 1
1501 Cohen VAN LOO 2
1515 Fletcher WILLIAMS 3
1115 Marcus SVOBODA 4
1486 John NICHOLS 5
1505 Oscar HALE 6

Winner: Tony VAN SCHAIK


Women’s Final

ID Name Position
1494 Charlotte ALLAN 1
1309 Ziani VIOLA 2
674 Cara PARKER 3
1143 Eve DOOLAN 4
1211 Mary-Lou DOOLAN 5
1425 Laura TAMBASCO 6

Winner: Charlotte ALLAN


Tom Brown 50m Backstroke Handicap – Final

The results of the final for the Tom Brown 50m Backstroke Handicap held on 22 February 2020 were as follows:

ID Name Position
1484 Ruby NICHOLS 1
770 Lukas TAYLOR 2
1224 Tim DOOLAN 3
723 David PARKER 4
1491 Daire HENDERSON 5
1313 Tadhg DONNELLAN 6

Winner: Ruby NICHOLS


Five Dock Rotary 200m Individual Medley Handicap – Final

The results of the final for the Five Dock Rotary 200m Individual Medley Handicap held on 30 November 2019 were as follows:

ID Name Position
674 Cara PARKER 1
1313 Tadhg DONNELLAN 2
1427 Ava CHEHINE 4
714 Kellen PARKER 5
1425 Laura TAMBASCO 6

Winner: Cara PARKER


George Wheaton 50m BBB Handicap Final

The results of the final for the George Wheaton 50m BBB Handicap held on 23 November 2019 were as follows:

ID Name Stroke Position
1476 Isaac MCMANUS Backstroke 1
1191 Matthew SVOBODA Breaststroke 2
1495 Elizabeth ALLAN Butterfly 3
1491 Daire HENDERSON Breaststroke 4
128 Gerry TIBBERTSMA Breaststroke 5

Winner: Isaac MCMANUS


We were delighted to have the Wheaton family along to start the race and present the trophy to the winner.

Family to present George Wheaton BBB trophy

The final for the George Wheaton 50m BBB handicap race will be held this Saturday and is one of the most hotly contested and historic trophy races of the season!

George Wheaton was a former secretary of Drummoyne Swimming Club who tragically died after racing his four sons in a “Father and Son” race at the Club in 1937. His last surviving son, Noel, who was racing with his father that day, would keenly follow the results of the race each year before he sadly passed away six years ago.

George Wheaton
The only known photo of George Wheaton.

The BBB is a unique race in which the competitors race against each other swimming their favourite “B” stroke – Breaststroke, Backstroke or Butterfly!

The names of the finalists for this year’s race, including the ‘B’ stroke they will be swimming, are listed here.

We are delighted that members of George Wheaton‘s family will attend the final this Saturday to present the BBB trophy to the winner, including George Wheaton “Junior”, the great great grandson of the trophy’s namesake.