Official Season Launch this Saturday

Last week was a wonderful start to the racing for season. After finishing early last season it was good to be back in the water. We got to test out the new COVID-compliant marshalling arrangements and some new timers (purchased with the assistance of a Canada Bay Club grant). Thanks to everyone who came along and for complying with the new rules.

Come down for a Free Trial!

We’re still warming up and it’s not too late to join, so please spread the word to family and friends about the best place to spend Saturday mornings in Sydney!

New members are invited to a FREE TRIAL on Saturday mornings (just need to pay pool entry fees), so encourage them along.

Official Season launch

This week is the official season launch. We will be joined by Dr Fiona Martin MP the member for Reid.

Monster Raffle

To mark the occasion we will run a monster raffle:

  • 1st prize is a 3 month membership to Five Dock Leisure Centre
  • 2nd Prize is a $75 voucher for Salt Meats Cheese at Drummoyne
  • 3rd prize is a $60 voucher at Ribs & Burgers
  • 4th prize is an EPIC PIZZA voucher

Races Week 2

Races this week are:

  • 100m freestyle
  • 50m backstroke
  • 400 / 200m freestyle
  • Time trials for new and upgraded swimmers

Please see our 2020-21 Calendar for a full list of races and other events over the season.

COVID Safety

A friendly reminder that as a community sporting club, we must comply with NSW Government rules on COVID-19. All swimmers and spectators are required to comply with the Club’s COVID Safety Plan and Drummoyne Swimming Centre rules. In a nutshell our COVID-Safety Plan is:

Have fun, but… be safe and protect others! Arrive ready to swim; Register your attendance using Team App (swimmers and spectators); Get in, Swim, Get out; Follow social distancing rules; Sanitise and wash your hands; Minimise use of the amenities; Don’t share equipment, food or drinks and Go home when you’re done.

Find us on Team App

The new marshalling arrangements seemed to work efficiently and the hand sanitiser stations were well used. Feedback from pool management was that they were generally happy with the way we operated but that social distancing in the stands was a little lax at times and could be improved.

Could all members please be mindful of complying with the 1.5m social distancing requirements between family groups this weekend and moving forward.

Local Sponsors Welcome

Drummoyne Swimming Club is on the hunt for new sponsors for the upcoming season and we figure the best place to start is in our own backyard swimming pool (so to speak). We are calling out for you – swimmers and parents – to help us find club sponsors. Sponsorship plays a key role in keeping registration fees as low as possible and helps us pay for ever increasing costs.

We are certainly living in interesting and uncertain economic times but some businesses have been very successful during the COVID-19 crisis and others may be looking to get a bit of community exposure to help get themselves going again.

You may have your own business or know of one that could get a boost by linking with our well-regarded community-based club. You may work for a large corporate that might be keen to associate with us. If so, we’re keen to see what we can do.

Click below for our new Sponsorship Brochure for the 2020/21 season:

Adobe PDF

We’ve sought to produce a document that spells out the benefits of becoming a club sponsor. Please take a look and get back to us if you think you can help or know someone who might be interested. We’re also open to other sponsorship ideas and options so please feel free to put forward any other ideas you have.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for 2020/21 or know someone who is, please contact Adrian Bell on 0424 561 831 or

Don’t forget to support our current sponsors

Epic Pizza

While on the topic of sponsors… our current sponsors Canada Bay Club, Ribs & Burgers and Epic Pizza are all back open to attend in-person. If you are looking for a night out please try and frequent one of these friendly and supportive businesses.

Veeva Property Group is also operating as usual. So, if you need property related services please contact Gladys on (02) 9181 5943.