Planned activities in the 2nd half of the season…

This information was buried deep in our newsletter last week so just to make sure you know about what is coming up here it is again…

Canada Bay Club All Schools Relay

As you know we’ve got the 2021 Battle on the Bay coming up on the 20th of February. That’s our chance to come together as a club and show our neighbouring clubs just what we’re about by knocking Leichhardt off the top of the leader board and having “Drummoyne” inscribed on the trophy.

Following on from the Battle on the Bay we’ve got a few other initiatives planned, including:

The Canada Bay Club All Schools Relay – This new relay will be held on the 27th of February 21 and we’ll put out some information about, this starting next week. The trophy for this race is dedicated to the Canada Bay Club – one of our great supporters over the years.

See this week’s separate post about how to register for this event.

The Food Bank Raffle

The Food Bank Raffle – As some of you may remember last season we donated the proceeds of one of our raffles to support Bush Fire relief. We’re looking to continue that concept again this season. As a club we’re going to support Food Bank.

The proceeds from our raffle on the 27th of February will be donated to Food Bank to support the work they are doing fighting hunger.

Did you know that: three in ten Australians now experiencing food insecurity had not gone hungry before the pandemic and that young people – Gen Z are being hardest hit by the impact of COVID-19?

Foodbank is addressing this crisis by supplying more food and groceries than ever before to charities for distribution to vulnerable people. 

Laps for Life Challenge

As a second charitable initiative, we’re proposing to get involved with Laps for Life in support of youth mental health – Laps for Life is a swimming challenge that raises money to support youth mental health initiatives by

We’ll set a club challenge and, over the course of March, use Adult and Junior Squads to meet our collective goal. Swimmers will be asked to seek donations from friends and family along the way.

More information about both these charitable initiatives will be forthcoming in the next few weeks.