Swim Club Update

COVID-19 and season start

As you probably know the current COVID-19 restrictions are due to be lifted at the end of August. Theoretically, this would mean a normal start to the swimming season might be possible. However, given the current COVID-19 case numbers, it is looking somewhat unlikely that Drummoyne Swimming Centre will re-open on the 1st of September and that we’ll be able to commence our program of activities in the usual fashion.

The club committee will closely monitor government announcements and liaise with Belgravia Leisure and Canada Bay Council about the opening of the pool and what this means for us.

As with last season, we’ll put an appropriate COVID-safe plan in place to ensure the health and well being of our swimmers.

Be assured, we will be looking to commence junior and adult swim squads soon as possible once the pool opens. Lynette and Phil and the other coaches are looking forward to seeing everyone again and to another big season of coaching.

We’ll keep you updated about developments and any schedule changes as they arise. Please keep an eye out for more information in newsletters and posts as well as on the website and TeamApp.

Resources to help you get ready for the start of the season

The current lockdown has played havoc with winter sports and any attempts to undertake pre-season swim training (except for those brave swimmers that took to the chilly waters of Sydney beaches (at least until the 10km rule came in).

It’s certainly going to be a challenge for some of us to get back outside and into the pool once we’re allowed.

You might like to try some of these links for tips and activities to help get you going again:

As you all know, we very successfully supported REACHOUT.COM last summer by swimming in the Laps 4 Life Challenge*. REACHOUT.COM have a range of resources and services related to mental health for young people but have also put together a useful webpage on Coping with Coronavirus.

* We’ve still got a guest appearance from Ian Thorpe to organise. More on that in the not too distant future. And, how good was Ian Thorpe’s commentary at the Olympics. What a legend!

Don’t forget the AGM is scheduled for 23 August 2021

The AGM is coming up on the 23rd of August at 7:30. Please see the specific post about this for more information about dialling in to the meeting.

We’re always keen to see new people get involved and help run the club. There are a few committee members who aren’t standing again this year. So, if you have been thinking about how you can contribute to the successful running of the club please put your hand up and nominate to join the committee.

We’d especially love to see more current parents from Drummoyne Public School and St Mark’s Drummoyne join.

If you want to have a chat about what joining the committee involves (which really isn’t a lot of work because we have such a great group of volunteer helpers) please feel free to contact Adrian on 0424 561 831.