Winter Training at Ashfield Pool

Drummoyne Pool closed for the season

Sadly, Drummoyne Swimming Centre has closed for the winter… The last of the adult and junior squads of the season have been swum.

A big thank you to Lynette, Phil, Cara and Maddie for pushing the junior swimmers to ever better performances throughout the summer.

And a special thanks to “King” Arthur Fogarty for rolling out the sets for the adult squads.

The last post squad breakfast for 2020-2021 (there was actually swimming before breakfast), clockwise from the left, Duncan Lyon, Michael Donnellan, Sophie O’Brien, Arthur Fogarty, Kylie Donnellan, Adrian Bell and Natalie Borozan

Winter training at Ashfield Pool

If you want to keep up your training there are still options. Adult squad members will continue at Ashfield Pool on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 6:00. Everyone is free to come along. Just look out for Arthur, Duncan, Doug, Craig or Liz.

Duncan and Arthur taking selfies (how cute to see two grown men taking selfies…) outside Ashfield Pool on Tuesday after their first off season swim