Register for the George Wheaton BBB

Backstroke, Breaststroke or Butterfly

Heats for our unique George Wheaton BBB are coming up on Saturday 6 Nov 21 and we are now taking stroke nominations. To enter and select your stroke please complete the form at the end of this link.

The BBB is a unique race in which the competitors race against each other swimming their favourite “B” stroke – Breaststroke, Backstroke or Butterfly!

The race is named in honour of George Wheaton – a former secretary of Drummoyne Swimming Club who tragically died after racing his four sons in a “Father and Son” race at the Club in 1937. The trophy was inaugurated in the 1939-40 season and is one of the Clubs most sought after prizes.

Family members usually join us pool side for the final, which this season is set for Saturday 27 November.

George Wheaton
George Wheaton

Need a handicap time for the BBB…

This Saturday is your last opportunity to get a time in advance of the BBB. If you don’t have a time, make sure you enter a 50m breaststroke time trial this Saturday.