Week 22: The 800m Championships, Family Fun Day and Past Members’ Morning Tea!

Well, we’ve reached the end of another season of swim club and to finish off we have the 800m Freestyle Open Championship and our Family Fun Day.

800m Open Championship

The 800m Championship is open to all ages, for anyone who can complete the 16 lap distance.

The 800m races start at 7am sharp, so please sign-in and arrive by 6.45am if you wish to enter.

Family Fun Day

The Family Fun Day will commence after the 800m Championships, which we expect to be around 8am. You can plan to arrive at this time if you’re not swimming in the 800m event.

Note: If you’re only planning to swim in the Fun Day events, but not the 800m Championship event, please only sign-in for the Fun Day on Team App for COVID tracking purposes when you arrive at the pool (eg. around 8am) so that we can separately identify swimmers entering the 800m event.

The Fun Day races include:

  • Family Relay – 4 x 50m freestyle relay for family groups (or combinations thereof)
  • Geribo Cup Relay – 4 x 50m freestyle relay for the tastiest trophy of the season, made from pure chocolate!
  • Over and under race
  • Boogie board race (BYO boogie board, lilo or other fab floaty)
  • Thong race (BYO thongs)

The Peacock – a perfect vehicle for the Boogie Board race: not sure what happened to the jockey…

The Geribo Cup

The highlight of the morning will be the Geribo Cup. Named after legendary squad coach Norma Geribo, the Geribo Cup is ever changing but one thing is always a given, the trophy is made of chocolate. This season Jodie van Loo is planning a chocolate extravaganza so make sure you’ve got your entry sorted.

Email president@drummoyneswimclub.com.au with your team or by yourself and we’ll slot you into a team.

2019 Geribo Cup winners with the big prize: Simon Howard, Mark Colley, Matthew Ellis and Matt O’Connor

Past members’ morning tea

Don’t forget that this Saturday we’ve got our past members morning tea. All former swimmers are welcome to come along for morning tea and to swim. The morning tea will commence at the completion of the 800m races – so approximately 8am and will run for the rest of the morning.

Geoff Roper 200m Freestyle Handicap – Final

The results of the final for the Geoff Roper 200m Freestyle Handicap held on 14 November 2020 were as follows:

1597Sarah WALLER1
281James SIMMONS2
111Phil HAYWARD3
639William TAYLOR4
1506Nathan HALE5
1584Sally KUDRNA6

Winner: Sarah WALLER

Tom Williams 50m Freestyle Handicap Finals

The results of the final for the Men’s and Women’s Tom Williams 50m Freestyle Handicap held on 2 March 2019 were as follows:


ID Name Position
1472 Hendrix PROLOV 1
1416 Cooper LUCAS 2
1109 Henry GARVEY 3
1115 Marcus SVOBODA 4
279 Adam LEWIS 5
619 Duncan LYON 6

Winner: Hendrix PROLOV


ID Name Position
1316 Ivy EASTWOOD 1
1366 Sienna HOWARD 2
1122 Jessica TINDIGLIA 3
1427 Ava CHEHINE 4
1309 Ziani VIOLA 5

Winner: Ivy EASTWOOD


Tom Williams 50m Freestyle Finalists

The finalists for the Men’s and Women’s Tom Williams 50m Freestyle Handicap to be held on 2 March 2019 are as follows:


ID Name
1472 Hendrix PROLOV
1109 Henry GARVEY
1115 Marcus SVOBODA
689 Joseph COLLEY
279 Adam LEWIS


ID Name
1366 Sienna HOWARD
1427 Ava CHEHINE
1122 Jessica TINDIGLIA
1309 Ziani VIOLA