Your 2018-19 Club Captains

Congratulations to Cara Parker and Joseph Colley on being elected Girls’ and Boys’ Club Captains for the 2018-19 season! 

We thank you for volunteering your time to assist in running the Club on Saturday mornings and look forward to you both leading the Club to victory in this season’s Battle on the Bay Swimming Carnival!

The names, roles and photos of our Club Committee members and Captains can be found here.

Club Captain Election

This Saturday on pool deck, members of the Club will be voting on who they would like to see as this season’s Club Captains. Club Captains are fundamental part of the Club and valued by all members.

This years nominations are:

Aidan Kirkpatrick-Jones
Ethan Parker
Bronson Ronan
Joe Colley
Kellen Parker
Jack Corbett
Andrew Sharpe

Hannah Svoboda
Georgia Kirkpatrick-Jones
Jessica Tindiglia
Cara Parker
Rachel Lyon

Main responsibilities of the Club Captains include:

Attendance – Regular attendance every Saturday.
Assistance – Regularly assists to help run races very Saturday morning. Arrives on time to help set up and stays to help pack up.
Role model – Acts responsibly and is a role model for all DSC Juniors.
Battle on the Bay (BOB) – Assists in all facets of BOB including organising juniors in their heats and relays. Masters of the cheerleading.

Good luck to all the nominees!