New Club Captains – Rose Tunstall and Tadhg Donnellan

Congratulations to our new Club Captains Rose Tunstall and Tadhg Donnellan.

Both Rose and Tadhg employed new campaigning methods for swim club elections. Given that the elections for male and female captains were both extremely close these innovations turned out to be effective enough for each to secure their important roles.

Rose broke all campaign finance and expenditure records spending up big on “Vote for Rosie” posters and Tadhg employed a full time campaign manager in the form of Xiomara van Schaik (who elected not to swim on Saturday to concentrate on ensuring that her candidate got up). Xiomara clearly has a big future ahead of her as a numbers person in politics.

We look forward to big things from both our new Captains this season.

A huge thanks to Cara Parker and Joseph Colley who both served two terms as Captains.