Fred Congdon 50m Butterfly Handicap

The result of the Final of the Fred Congdon 50m Butterfly Handicap held on 6 February 2010 was as follows:

Name Position
Liam Fitzpatrick DNS
Bronson Ronan 6
Daniel Corbett 2
Daniel Tilyard 1
Tim Hay 4
Frances Christodoulou 5
Emily Gilkes 3
James Simmons 7

Winner: Daniel Tilyard

Tom Williams 50m Freestyle Handicap

The result of the Boys’ and Girls’ Finals of the Tom Williams 50m Freestyle Handicap to be held on 27 February 2010 were as follows:

ID Name Time
1213 Connor Shearman 50
DNS Serge Derkatch DNS
DNS Peter Derkatch DNS
952 Kirk Calladine 40
DNS Bob Chambers DNS
1125 Ethan Parker 40
1089 William Taylor 33
349 Adam Christodoulou 32

Winner: Kirk Calladine

ID Name


1236 Alexandra Chrystie 58
1201 Lucy Egelton 49
1033 Sarah Lyon 45
1127 Nicola Griffin 43
1226 Alice Patterson 44
DNS Simone Gooley DNS
DNS Georgia McFarlane DNS

Winner: Lucy Egelton

George Wheaton 50m BBB (Handicap)

The result of the Final of the George Wheaton 50m BBB Handicap held on 30 January 2010 was as follows:

Member Race Number Name Stroke Position
1223 Kate Coyne Backstroke 1
964 Alex Murphy Breaststroke 3
1221 Paul Cook Breaststroke 8
468 Gerry Tibbertsma Breaststroke 7
1125 Ethan Parker Backstroke 4
803 Emma Tuite Butterfly 2
958 Louis Johansson Breaststroke 5
632 James Simmons Butterfly 6

Winner: Kate Coyne

Swim Club Bowling Day

Swim Club Bowling Day is being held at 12pm on Sunday 31st January 2010 at Drummoyne Sports Club, 2 Hythe Street, Drummoyne.  Cost $5 per person for bowling and sausage  sizzle. Contact Phil Hayward if you would like to come along.

Battle on the Bay

The “Battle on the Bay” Swim Carnival between Drummoyne, Leichhardt, Enfield, Cabarita and Balmain Swim Clubs has been confirmed for 6pm Saturday 27th February 2010 at Drummoyne Pool.

Contact Robyn Johansson to enter your name for the Carnival.

Five Dock Rotary 200m Individual Medley Handicap

The result of the Final of the Five Dock Rotary 200m Individual Medley Handicap, held on 5 December 2009 was as follows:

Position Name
1 Sophie Hay
4 Bronson Ronan
3 Tim Hay
5 Adam Christodoulou
7 Daniel Tilyard
2 Evan Christodoulou
6 Louis Johansson
DNS Anthony DiMento

Winner: Sophie Hay

Geoff Roper 200m Freestyle Handicap

The result of the Final of the Geoff Roper 200m Freestyle Handicap held on 21 November 2009 was as follows:

Member Race Number Name Adjusted Race Time
880 Rachel Tibbertsma 226
1177 Sophie Hay 223
349 Adam Christodoulou 179
1113 Michael Corbett 208
901 Daniel Tilyard 178
283 Frances Christodoulou 185
732 Matthew Ellis 172
902 Maddison Tilyard 224

Winner: Rachel Tibbertsma

The Lyon Family

“I wasn’t a strong swimmer before joining Swim Club, having grown up in England, and struggled to swim an entire lap of freestyle .  However, with a huge amount of encouragement and support from everybody in the club (and a modest handicap time), I managed to win one of the oldest and biggest club trophies for 50m freestyle in my first year!

My success inspired my three daughters to swim harder for their own silverware and I now swim nearly every day for fitness and enjoyment.”  Duncan Lyon

The Knowles Family

“We love Saturday mornings at the club, especially because it’s so friendly. Everyone gets a chance, and everyone gets encouraged” The Knowles family