Week 8: The Final of the World Famous George Wheaton BBB

BBB Semi Finals and Final

This week the highlight of swim club will be one of our most popular and important trophy races – the George Wheaton 50m BBB Handicap race. As we had so many entries and heats this year, we will hold two semi-finals before the final.

We usually have a large representation from the Wheaton family on deck to present the trophy. Unfortunately, this year due to COVID and an unwell family member this won’t be possible this season. We wish the family well during a difficult time and hope to see them again next season.

The qualifiers for the George Wheaton 50m BBB Handicap Trophy Event to be decided by two semi-finals followed by a final on 21 November 2020 are as follows:

1502Lincoln VAN LOOBreaststroke
1596Lois WALLERBackstroke
1603Felix SHARPBreaststroke
1504Noah HALEBreaststroke
128Gerry TIBBERTSMABackstroke
1506Nathan HALEBreaststroke
111Phil HAYWARDButterfly
1115Marcus SVOBODABackstroke
1597Sarah WALLERButterfly
112Joshua HAYWARDButterfly

Besides the BBB we have a jam packed calendar comprising:

  • 100m Freestyle handicap, including Week 1 of the 6 week special event series:
    • Under 10’s Molly Wark and Les Henry 100m Freestyle, and
    • 35 and Over Men’s and Women’s 100m Freestyle
  • Semi-finals and final for the George Wheaton 50m BBB
  • 50m Breaststroke
  • 400m Freestyle

Ladies social night

At the time of writing there were still a few spots available for the ladies social night at Ribs & Burgers. If you want to go along please jump on to the Team App application and go to the Events section to find the details and indicate you are going.

Trophies and Medals

We will continue with the presentation of trophies and medals from last season for Championships and Point Score events from next week and complete the presentations over two weeks. We have a Special Guest presenter scheduled to come along on the 5th of December – more details to follow.