Heats for George Wheaton “BBB”

This Saturday is your opportunity to contest one of the most highly-prized trophies of the season – the George Wheaton 50m “BBB” Handicap!

BBB is short for Breaststroke, Backstroke and Butterfly.  It’s a unique event in which competitors race each other with different “B” strokes in the same race on handicap.  So  a swimmer in one lane may swim Butterfly, another Breaststroke and a third Backstroke!

To seed the event, we need to know which “B” stroke you will swim this Saturday.  You must have already completed a 50m Time Trial for your chosen stroke, so if you’re new to the Club this season, choose a stroke for which you’ve already set a time.

Please select your chosen stroke (50m Breaststroke, Backstroke or Butterfly) when you sign in this Saturday.

The BBB heats will be raced after the 50m Freestyle sprint.

Following the BBB, our long distance swim will be 400m Freestyle. To qualify for the 400m race, you must have a current 200m time less than 200 seconds (3m 20s). We have 200m, 4x30m and 4x20m Freestyle options for other swimmers.