Week 17: Championships, Finals and the Battle on the Bay!

Well done to all the brave peeps who braved the elements and the 400m Championship last week. As too much swimming is never enough this week we have another action packed meet. And then, to top it off, we the have the Battle of the Bay at the new Ashfield pool. Rest up this week to save your energy for this high weekend of swimming!

Congratulations to last week’s Championship and Bill Gallie Handicap race winners

First up, congratulations to the winners of our 400m Championship races – Natalie Borozan and Matthew Svoboda and to Evelyn Kerr who took out the prestigious Bill Gallie 50m Breaststroke Handicap Trophy Final.

This week’s events

Our first event this Saturday will be the 100m Freestyle Championship race.

For our second event this week we have another one of our premiere trophy races – the Tom Brown 50m Backstroke Handicap Final. We have a young field who’ll be fighting it out to receive the trophy from an extended posse from the Brown clan. The Tom Brown Final will be followed by 50m, 30m and 20m backstroke events as usual.

To round out the morning’s swimming we have the 200m Medley along with 4 x 30m and 4 x 20m medleys.

Battle on the Bay – 100 DSC Entrants!

If you feel like you’ve been bombarded with emails and news posts about the Battle on the Bay you’ll be glad to know that it has finally arrived.

This year we have 100 entrants. This is quite an achievement for a family swimming club without an associated swim school or competitive squad program. Good on you all for getting on board with what will be a really fun day.

Please check the recent emails to ensure you are up to speed with both your own events and the order of the day’s activities. Please also check out if you or one of your squids has been put into a relay team.

We will need to provide time keepers for 2 lanes during the event. We will need volunteers to help with this.

Lastly don’t forget to rest your tonsils in readiness to cheer our swimmers home to glorious victories.

With a bit of luck it might be Drummoyne receiving the Battle on the Bay trophy this year!