Tom Brown Backstroke – Did You Know?

This Saturday morning it’s swim club as usual at 7.30am followed by the Battle on the Bay swimming carnival, starting at 3pm in the afternoon.

Program for this Saturday includes:

  • 100m, 50m, 30m, 20m Freestyle Championship
  • Form Stroke:
    • Final Tom Brown 50m Backstroke Handicap
    • 50m, 30m, 20m Backstroke Handicap
  • 4x50m, 4x30m and 4x20m Medley

We are delighted to announce that members of the Brown family will be attending to present the Tom Brown perpetual trophy to the winner.

Lynette Brown provided us with an interesting bit of history on some of our club trophies, including the Tom Brown:

Back in the 1970’s George Brown, Bill Gallie & Fred Congdon decided that the club needed a trophy for the form strokes (the BBB).  This was to encourage everyone to try different stokes.  In those days, you entered for your preferred BBB stroke each week, so if you liked Breaststroke that’s all you swam until the Championships started. 

So George named the Trophy after his father Tom Brown and, as his family liked Backstroke, he took the Backstroke trophy.  Bill Gallie was a Breaststroke fanatic and Fred Congdon was passionate about Butterfly.