Drummoyne Swim Club is COVID-Safe!

In preparation for the reopening of the pool and Club for the summer season, the Club has completed a COVID-19 safety plan and is registered as a “COVID-Safe Business“.

Subject to complying with our own COVID-19 Safety Plan, any Council requirements and any pool rules we plan to start the swimming season as usual.

The key points of the COVID-19 Safety Plan are:

Have fun, but… be safe and protect others!

  • Arrive ready to swim
  • Register your attendance
    • Team App for swimmers
    • QR Code for spectators (1 per swimmer)
  • Get in 
  • Swim 
  • Get out
  • Isolate in the stand (follow social distancing rules in and out of the pool)
  • Sanitise and wash your hands
  • Minimise use of the amenities
  • Stick to the dedicated areas while at the pool
  • Don’t share equipment eg. food, drinks, equipment or towels (at squads or on race days)
  • Go home when you’re done

Please don’t come to swimming if you’re sick or if you’ve been to a designated hot spot within the timelines shown in the NSW Government guidelines.

More details about the COVID-19 Safety Plan will be provided in coming weeks.

This season will be unusual and we’ll all need to be patient while we get into the swing of things.

For more information on our COVID-Safe plans and arrangements, please contact Club President Adrian Bell on 0424 561831 or email president@drummoyneswimclub.com.au.