The Geribo Cup and end of Season Family Fun Day

The Geribo Cup

The last meet of the season was a lot of fun. We broke all records for the biggest chocolate trophy to ever grace the deck of the Drummoyne Pool. Thanks to Jodie van Loo for spending the hours to make it – and for keeping her boys Cohen and Lincoln away from it.

Jodie was somewhat bemused when Cohen and Lincoln along with Noah and Oscar Hale swum the race of their lives to win the trophy meaning all that chocolate was headed back to their house… The boys took 8 seconds off their heat time in pursuit of the chocolate in the final. Well done!

Thanks very much to Life Member Jan Hammond for presenting the trophy to the winners.

The 2021 Geribo Cup

Boogie Board and Novelty Races

The kids all had fun with the boogie board and other novelty races but not as much fun as Adam Christodoulou who MC’d the events. Adam took great delight disqualifying Matthew Svoboda in the thong race.

Eliza O’Neil and Ruby Nichols in a combo boogie board and unicorn
Off and racing in the boogie board race.

800m Freestyle Championship

The novelty events followed 4 heats of the 800m Freestyle Championship. Jessica Bell and Sienna Joshi-Kraus obviously didn’t swim hard enough as they were all smiles after a tight finish.

Jessica Bell and Sienna Joshi-Kraus after a tight finish in the 800m championship