Meet a Volunteer – Gerry Tibbertsma

For this week’s article on getting to know our club volunteers, we interviewed our very own super race starter, Gerry Tibbertsma.

Q: How many years have you been a club member?

A: 21 years

Q: What motivates you to volunteer each week?

A: I enjoy being the race starter every week because I want to be involved and interact with everyone which makes it a much more enjoyable day!

Q: What is your favourite memory?

A: I love encouraging young new swimmers and one day a young boy was swimming in his first ever 30m race. To encourage him I told him that he only needed to swim to the 30m rope which I pointed to. During the race he swam to the “false start rope”, stopped and was jumping out of the water to try and grab the rope during the middle of the race which was a bit odd. Once I realised what he was doing I said “noooo to that rope” and I pointed to the 30m rope which was in the water. It was very cute and funny at the time!

Q: What’s the best thing about Swim Club?

A: The people.

Q: What is your favourite stroke?

A: Breaststroke

Q: Who is your favourite famous swimmer?

A: Ian Thorpe.

Q: What is the next PB (Personal Best time) you are aiming for?

A: To get back under 200 seconds for 200m freestyle. Then I can qualify for 400m again! Not that I’m excited about that lol! 😊

Q: Do you have any tips for other swimmers?

A: Just enjoy your swimming.

Thank you from all of us at DSC. We really appreciate your hard work and assistance with running our wonderful club 😊