Meet a Volunteer – Cara Parker

For this week’s article on getting to know our club volunteers, we interviewed our very own female Club Captain and Head Junior Technician, Cara Parker.

Q: How many years have you been a club member?

A: Since I was three years old.

Q: What motivates you to volunteer each week?

A: My Mum used to be heavily involved with volunteering at swim club. I learnt from her and took over because I found it interesting. I initially started on the finish computer and now I’ve moved on to the start computer which is a bit more technical but I enjoy it.

Q: What is your favourite memory?

A: Winning the Geribo Cup (Chocolate Trophy) two years ago. My team involved; A friend of mine that I brought down to swim club for the day, my Dad (David Parker) and Gerry Tibbertsma. It was really fun!

Q: What’s the best thing about Swim Club?

A: I love the swimming, seeing friends and competing against family, especially when I beat my brother! I also love getting my exercise all done and dusted first thing in the morning especially on hot days.

Q: What is your favourite stroke?

A: Freestyle. It used to be breaststroke but my times aren’t as good anymore.

Q: Who is your favourite famous swimmer?

A: I like the Campbell sisters.

Q: What is the next PB (Personal Best time) you are aiming for?

A: To get back to my fast breaststroke times! 😉

Q: Do you have any tips for other swimmers?

A: “Don’t stop kicking”!

Breaststroke then – Freestyle now!

Thank you from all of us at DSC. We really appreciate your hard work and assistance with running our wonderful club 😊