Manly Cole Classic Ocean Swim achievements

A number of our swim members participated in the Cole Classic at Manly last Sunday 2nd February with some fantastic personal achievements:


  • We’re claiming that Jaxon Lewis unofficially won the  9-10 years 1km race!  He was officially entered in the 12yo age group, so that he could swim with his mate, but his finish time was 7 seconds faster than the official winner of the 9-10yo’s group!  Great work Jaxon and a credit to the DSC Junior Squad Coaching team!
  • Phil Hayward has been training hard and had a great swim in the 1km event.
  • Renee Carroll competed in the 1km with her family after running with her pram in the 7km Sun Run the previous day! [Ed: We’re claiming Atlas as the fastest toddler!]


  • Congrats to Natalie Borozan and Craig Corcaran for finishing the 2km swim.  Special mention to Nat for winning the ‘Thanks for Coming’ Award; she won an Audi to borrow for a weekend – not a bad prize for doing the swim 😊


  • Kristy Lewis (Jaxon’s Mum) killed the 5km in 1.31.18 placing 37th out of 81 Females …. (Adam Lewis, you need to pick up your game here! 😉)

Due to unsafe beach conditions the race started and finished at Shelley Beach.  Well done to all of our amazing swimmers!  A big weekend of fitness for all involved.