Inspirations Paint T-Shirts and Dog Name Guessing Competition

Inspirations Paint Club T-Shirts have arrived…

The t-shirts funded by our new sponsor Inspirations Paint arrived last week and most have been handed out to the first 50 junior swimmers who registered (if you received an email about this but your child hasn’t received theirs yet please come to the table at on the upper grand stand area this Saturday).

Thanks again to Alfio and Katia Arlotta at Inspirations Paint for their generous support.

If you have a painting project please head up to the store on the corner of Lyons Road and Russell Street, opposite Brent Street. Alfio or Katia will look after you with the right advice and competitive prices.

To encourage swimmers to support Inspirations Paint we’re running a competition. The first junior swimmer that can name Alfio and Katia’s dog and spell out the story behind the name will win a new pair of goggles.

Inspirations Paint Dog Name Guessing Competition – visit the store to learn Alfio and Katia’s marvelous dog’s name and win a pair of goggles!

Alfio and Katia’s brown spotted dalmatian

Alfio and Katia Arlotta own a marvelous brown spotted dalmatian called… The first junior swimmer who can name the dog and tell me the story behind the name will win a new pair of Zoggs goggles. So you can guess and try your luck or head up to the store to make a purchase and ask Alfio or Katia.