COVID-Safety at Swim Club

Happily COVID-19 case numbers in NSW continue to remain low and certain restrictions continue to be lifted. Group booking limits at restaurants, for example, are due to increase from 10 to 30 as of 23 October 2020. This bodes well for the club holding our annual men’s and women’s social nights in the not too distant future.

Restrictions at the pool however continue to remain in force per our COVID Safety Plan.

Until further guidance is issued by the NSW Government and Swimming NSW we’ll need to continue with our revised marshalling arrangements, the use of sanitiser, minimising spectators to parents and / or caregivers (ensuring that all spectators are registered via Team App) and most importantly social distancing in the stand. The most recent advice from the NSW CHO is:

“More than one parent may now attend community sporting activities if physical distancing of at least 1.5 metres can be maintained between people that are not from the same household.”

Dr Kerry Chant, Chief Health Officer NSW Ministry of Health​

Pool management are generally happy with the way we have managed our activities so far this season. The only negative comments we’ve had are about social distancing.

By way of an example of what might happen if pool management and/or Council want to crack down on swimming related activities we only need to look as far as the City of Sydney. As can be seen in this Sydney Morning Herald article a totally different approach to COVID-Safety has been adopted at City of Sydney pools. Interestingly these pools are, like Drummoyne Pool, managed by Belgravia Leisure.

So, per our COVID-Safety plan let’s ensure that we maintain appropriate social distancing of 1.5m or more between family groups.

The Club’s COVID Safety Plan has been published to our website here. In a nutshell our COVID-Safety Plan is:

Have fun, but… be safe and protect others! Arrive ready to swim; Register your attendance using Team App (swimmers and spectators); Get in, Swim, Get out; Follow social distancing rules; Sanitise and wash your hands; Minimise use of the amenities; Don’t share equipment, food or drinks and Go home when you’re done.

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Please don’t come to swimming if you’re sick or if you’ve been to a designated hot spot within the timelines shown in the NSW Govt. guidelines.

For more information, please read the Club’s COVID Safety Plan.