Meet a Volunteer – Matthew O’Connor

For this week’s article on getting to know our club volunteers, we interviewed our very own Life Member and club Marshall, Matt O’Connor.

Q: Matt – how many years have you been a club member?

A: About 15 years

Q: What motivates you to volunteer each week?

A: I am the club Marshall (the person who gets the swimmers in place for the upcoming races). Why – it’s a role that needs to be done otherwise, on a busy day, we would run out of time and get booted out of our lanes.

Q: What is your favourite memory?

A: Having 3 of my 4 kids swim with me for over 4 or so seasons.

Q: What’s the best thing about Swim Club?

A: I enjoy watching the kids grow into young adults and am impressed with the number of them taking a role in the running of the club – stand in starters, running the box so efficiently, timekeeping and the like.

Q: What is your favourite stroke?

A: Breaststroke.

Q: Who is your favourite swimmer?

A: Kieran Perkins. His win from lane 8 – the slowest qualifier – at the 1996 1500m final showed what a determined and tough guy he is – it is a lesson for everyone to keep pushing yourself even if you aren’t considered to be in the running.

Q: What is the next PB (Personal Best time) you are aiming for?

A: Not drowning before the season is over.

Q: Do you have any tips for other swimmers?

A: “Keep kicking!!!”

Matt is a very valued and respected volunteer and we couldn’t run Saturday swim club without him. We really appreciate your hard work and assistance. Thank you from all of us at DSC 😊