Meet a Volunteer – Lynette Brown

Last week we started a new series on getting to know our awesome club volunteers because, as you know, our Club is entirely dependant on the selfless help of its volunteers to keep things running smoothly every week. This week the spotlight is being shone on one of our Junior Squad Coaches and Life Member, Lynette Brown.

Q: Lynette – how many years have you been a club member?

A: On and off for 50 years!

Q: What motivates you to volunteer each week?

A: The club relies on volunteers to function every Saturday. I help where I can with timekeeping, help set up and any ad hoc week-to-week duties that need completing. I also thoroughly enjoy seeing the children progress with their swimming and hence this is why I am a swim trainer for the junior members. Junior squads are run every Tuesday and Thursday at 6am at the pool. All junior members (and their parents) are welcome to join!

Q: What is your favourite memory?

A: Watching the children progress with their swimming technique and improving their swimming times are my favourite memories. I have two examples to share; Last year Sienna was the Tom Williams 50m Freestyle winner. I can vividly remember Tom Williams being the marshall (same role as Matt) many years ago. This moment was very special for me. And also last week I felt so proud seeing some of our junior squads members attempt the 100m Butterfly event – you know who you are! This is why I love being a coach.

Q: What’s the best thing about Swim Club?

A: Everyone gets together for fun and exercise and everyone is treated equally.

Q: What is your favourite stroke?

A: Backstroke

Q: Who is your favourite swimmer?

A: Shane Gould

Q: What is the next PB (Personal Best time) you are aiming for?

A: To swim 50m freestyle and backstroke in 60 seconds. I’m so close – only two seconds away!

Q: Do you have any tips for other swimmers?

A: You can always swim no matter how old, young or injured. Swimming is great!