Swimmers Feel The Heat

The sun was out last Saturday morning and our members were excited to cool off with some races!

In the second Championship event of the year, swimmers swam 50m Butterfly with as much power as possible. Congratulations to Andrew Sharpe who took out the mens open heat in what was a very close sprint to the finish. Annette Jamieson took out the open womens heat, smashing it with a lead of over 4 seconds! Congratulations to all who made the final!

We also had the second week of the Over 35s and Under 10s 100m Freestyle Trophy Events. After the second week, Jaxon Lewis and Laura Tambasco lead the Under 10s boys and girls events respectively. There is also stiff competition in the Over 35s with Anthony Burges and Sherri Ollerenshaw in first place for the men’s and women’s events respectively!

We look forward to seeing everyone back down on pool deck this Saturday morning!