An historical note – the Erickson family

We’ve recently been contacted by former Club member Donald Erickson, who is now 91 and living in Canberra.

The Erickson family have a long connection with the Club, dating back to our very early years.

Don’s Grandfather, a Norwegian migrant, raised five sons and three daughters in Drummoyne. Four of the boys were Club members. Don’s uncle Albert Erickson was Club Captain circa 1915 and his father Bertie Erickson was Club Captain in 1918.

Don joined DASC in 1940 and won his first trophy in 1941 – in the 33 yard handicap.

Don went on to win the George Wheaton BBB Memorial Trophy in 1944-45 and his name is still on it!

Photo of the 1911 Water Polo Team with Erickson family members.

Five Dock Library – Drummoyne Swimming Club Members Tell Their Stories

On Tuesday, 15 November 2016, Five Dock Library will be hosting an evening for past and present members of Drummoyne Swimming Club to share their memories and stories of the club.

The stories will be recorded and added to the library’s oral history collection.

All past and present members and friends of the Club are welcome to join us at Five Dock Library from 6pm to 8pm.

The photograph above shows coach Forbes Carlile (wearing a white t-shirt) in the early 1950s coaching young swimmers at Drummoyne Swimming Pool.