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2017-2018 Season Results

Results will be posted here during the season.

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Date Handicap Series Club Championship
Weekly Results Point Score Weekly Results Point Score
7 Oct 17 Race Results 07-10-2017 Results Point Score 07-10-2017 ‘ Points    
14 Oct 17 Race Results 14-10-2017 Results Point Score 14-10-2017 ‘ Points    
21 Oct 17 Race Results 21-10-2017 Results Point Score 21-10-2017 ‘ Points    
28 Oct 17 Race Results 28-10-2017 Results Point Score 28-10-2017 ‘ Points    
4 Nov 17 Race Results 04-11-2017 Results Point Score 04-11-2017 ‘ Points    
11 Nov 17 Race Results 11-11-2017 Results Point Score 11-11-2017 ‘ Points    
18 Nov 17 Race Results 18-11-2017 Results Point Score 18-11-2017 ‘ Points    
25 Nov 17 Race Results 25-11-2017 Results Point Score 25-11-2017 ‘ Points    
2 Dec 17 Race Results 02-12-2017 Results Point Score 02-12-2017 ‘ Points Championship Results 02-12-2017 Results Championship Points 02-12-2017 Points
9 Dec 17 Race Results 09-12-2017 Results Point Score 09-12-2017 ‘ Points Championship Results 09-12-2017 Results Championship Points 09-12-2017 Points
16 Dec 17 Race Results 16-12-2017 Results Point Score 16-12-2017 ‘ Points Championship Results 16-12-2017 Results Championship Points 16-12-2017 Points
13 Jan 18 Meet cancelled
20 Jan 18 Race Results 20-01-2018 Results Point Score 20-01-2018 ‘ Points    
27 Jan 18 Race Results 27-01-2018 Results Point Score 27-01-2018 ‘ Points Championship Results 27-01-2018 Results Championship Points 27-01-2018 Points
3 Feb 18 Race Results 03-02-2018 Results Point Score 03-02-2018 ‘ Points Championship Results 03-02-2018 Results Championship Points 03-02-2018 Points
10 Feb 18 Race Results 10-02-2018 Results Point Score 10-02-2018 ‘ Points Championship Results 10-02-2018 Results Championship Points 10-02-2018 Points
17 Feb 18 Race Results 17-02-2018 Results Point Score 17-02-2018 ‘ Points Championship Results 17-02-2018 Results Championship Points 17-02-2018 Points
24 Feb 18 Race Results 24-02-2018 Results Point Score 24-02-2018 ‘ Points Championship Results 24-02-2018 Results Championship Points 24-02-2018 Points
3 Mar 18 Race Results 03-03-2018 Results Point Score 03-03-2018 ‘ Points Championship Results 03-03-2018 Results Championship Points 03-03-2018 Points
10 Mar 18 Race Results 10-03-2018 Results Point Score 10-03-2018 ‘ Points Championship Results 10-03-2018 Results Championship Points 10-03-2018 Points
17 Mar 18 Race Results 17-03-2018 Results Point Score 17-03-2018 ‘ Points Championship Results 17-03-2018 Results Championship Points 17-03-2018 Points
24 Mar 18New!     Championship Results 24-03-2018 Results Championship Points 24-03-2018 Points

Note: Championship results and points have been adjusted for swimmers who do not qualify for Club Championship points, including those who have not attended three Club meets prior to the Championship event and non-financial members.

Refer to the Glossary below for an explanation of the codes used in the published results.

Special Events

100m Freestyle Point Score
 Race Results 100m Special - Under 10 Girls - 2015 Molly Wark 100m Freestyle Handicap - Under 10 Girls 
 Race Results 100m Special - Under 10 Boys - 2015 Les Henry 100m Freestyle Handicap - Under 10 Boys
 Race Results 100m Special - Over 35 Women - 2015 100m Freestyle Handicap - Women 35 and Over
 Race Results 100m Special - Over 35 Men - 2015 100m Freestyle Handicap - Men 35 and Over

Trophy Event Qualifiers

Event Date Round
Geoff Roper 200m Freestyle Handicap 18 Nov 17 Final
George Wheaton 50m BBB Handicap 25 Nov 17 Final
Tom Brown 50m Backstroke Handicap 17 Feb 18 Final
Five Dock Rotary 200m Individual Medley Handicap 2 Dec 17 Final
George Russell 400m Freestyle Handicap 20 Jan 18 Final
Bill Gallie 50m Breaststroke Handicap 10 Feb 18 Final
Tom Williams 50m Freestyle Handicap 24 Feb 18 Final
Fred Congdon 50m Butterfly Handicap 10 Mar 18 Final


The codes used in the published results are explained below:

Code Explanation
DUP If a swimmer completes two or more events in a single category (sprint, form stroke or long distance), points are awarded to the highest scoring event and the other events in that category are marked as "DUP" (duplicate), 

For example, if a swimmer wins a 30m Freestyle Race (worth 4 points) and, on the same day, completes a 50m Freestyle Time Trial (worth 1 point), 4 points will be awarded for the race win and the point for the Time Trial will be marked as "DUP".
VOID If the finish time for a lane is not correctly recorded, the time is marked as "VOID" and points are awarded based on the finishing position.
ASST If a swimmer is assisted during a race (eg. a parent swims alongside a child or the child wears a floatation device), the swimmer will be awarded 1 point for completing the race and full race points will be awarded to the unassisted swimmers in that race.
DNS Did Not Start
DNF Did Not Finish
DQ Disqualified

Prior Season Results

2016-17 Season Results

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