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Battle on the Bay Swimming Carnival

Battle on the Bay

2015 Battle on the Bay

The 2015 Battle on the Bay was hosted by Leichhardt Swimming Club on Saturday 28th February 2015, from 3.30pm to 8pm.


The results of the 2015 Battle on the Bay were as follows:

Age Champions

Event Results

Congratulations to Leichhardt Swimming Club for winning the Battle on the Bay trophy by scoring the highest average points at the carnival:

Team Female Male Total Athletes Total Entries Total Points Average Points Position
Ashfield Amateur Swimming Club 10 13 23 69 1,548.50 22.442 2nd
Drummoyne Swimming Club Inc 35 37 72 268 5,129.50 19.140 4th
Enfield Swimming Club 8 14 22 85 1,694.00 19.929 3rd
Leichhardt Swim Club 50 34 84 306 7,643.50 24.979 1st
Northbridge Swimming Club 21 22 43 136 2,285.50 16.805 5th
Total 124 120 244 864 18,301.00 21.182

Congratulations to the following Drummoyne Swim Club swimmers for achieving places in their age group championships:

Age Group Place Name
6 & Under Girls 2nd Samantha Barker
6 & Under Boys 1st= Marcus Svoboda
3rd Jaxon Lewis
9-10 Girls 2nd= Chelsea Ashwood
9-10 Boys 2nd Jack Corbett
11-12 Boys 1st Christian Taylor
13-14 Boys 1st Bronson Ronan
2nd Ethan Parker
15-16 Girls 3rd Madeleine Welsh
15-16 Boys 1st William Taylor
17 & Over Women 3rd Frances Christodoulou
17 & Over Men 1st= Craig Ryan
1st= Adam Lewis
3rd= Mark Donovan

Previous Years

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